Park It!

Park It!

Build a detached garage at your Oakland, Wayne, or Butler, NJ home

Quit hogging the road in Oakland, Wayne, & Butler, NJ. Keep your car safe and covered in your brand-new garage instead of exposing it to the elements parked on the street. The talented builders at Marcello's Builders construct beautiful detached garages and sheds.

We’ve been in the construction business for more than 20 years, and we can work with all types of budgets. Call 973-444-3830 to speak with a Marcello's Builders team member about your plans for a new shed or garage.

3 reasons to build a detached garage

Are you on the fence about whether you prefer attached or detached garages? Let the pros at Marcello's Builders help. Here are three reasons we recommend our Oakland, Wayne, & Butler, NJ clients choose detached garages to store their cars:

  1. An attached garage can overwhelm a smaller house. A detached garage is often the better-looking option.
  2. You can add a guest apartment, extra office or storage space above your detached garage.
  3. A detached garage can be set behind the house and doesn’t have to be visible from the road.

Don’t wait – choose Marcello's Builders to design and build your brand-new detached garage.